True Blue Golf Club architect Mike Strantz outdid himself on this one. The par-3 3rd Hole is the culmination of all for which True Blue is renowned. While blending into the natural landscape, this hole is both visually intimidating and legitimately challenging.

The 3rd Hole is all carry over water and waste to an hourglass-shaped green defended by a sweeping bunker that guards the front and wraps around to the back. It measures a monstrous 190 yards from the back tees and as little as 103 yards from the forward tees.

But regardless of what tees you choose to play from, the most critical aspects to this hole are club selection and accuracy. Take into account pin placement and wind direction, otherwise your ball will struggle to reach the putting surface and you’ll be pulling another one out of your bag. Depending on any combination of these variables, your club choice could range anywhere from a long iron to a wedge.

The green itself can be divided into three sections. If you have a back pin location on the left side, you’re in luck! This seems to be the most accessible point on the green. Because the putting surface slopes right to left, simply play the ball out to the right of the pin and it should feed down into a comfortable two-putt distance. A middle pin presents more of a challenge as it is the narrowest part of the green, roughly only 15 yards in width. It makes for an exceptionally small target.

You’ll find an even more precise landing area with any forward pin location. With a high-faced bunker creating a downslope on the front portion of the green, any ball that’s coming in a little too hot risks catching that slope and bouncing straight into the bunker behind, which sits well below the putting surface.

Needless to say, getting out of this hole with a birdie is a steal.

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