Our own Brian Noblin is here to take you on a playing tour of one of his favorite holes at a popular Myrtle Beach’s Best package course choice: No. 5 at Arrowhead Country Club!

Today we’re here at Arrowhead Country Club playing on the Cypress Nine, playing hole number five. This is one of my favorite holes here at Arrowhead Country Club. One of the main reasons why is it has a beautiful view that backs up to the Intracoastal Waterway. Plus it’s a hole where you have choices, and I enjoy choices.

You can either hit driver and bang it up there right in front of the green and try to get up and down. Or you can play it a little safer and hit an iron and a wedge into the green and play it the more traditional way. But the options are what make this hole unique, and what makes it a lot of fun for me. Also, the green runs away from where you are in the fairway, so it’s better to hit a high lofted shot with a little spin into this green. So it is a short hole. It is a finesse hole, and it is very challenging, but it’s also fun.

There are two distinct ways to play it. One is to get up there and just rip a driver with a big fade off the tee, and leave you just short of the false front in front of the green. You then have a little 30-yard wedge into the green, just a nice little chip. Another more traditional way to play it that most people will choose, because of the undulations in the fairway, is to hit a 200 to 210-yard shot off the tee box and leave it on that nice flat level area that’s in the fairway. This shot leaves you about 100 yards out, and a little bit of an easier of a shot into the green.

(If you hit driver off the tee …)

One of the good things about this hole is you can get your driver right up there next to the green, but also you see the shot that it leaves us with. It’s a very difficult shot. So we’ll just take a nice little smooth 56-degree wedge, slap it up there to the front of the green, hopefully it’ll run to the hole.

(If you hit iron off the tee …)

We’re just going to take a nice little wedge because the green tilts away from the fairway, typical Redan-style green. We’re going to take a little more lofted shot, try to land it on the front of the green to let it release down to the hole.

We successfully managed to get our ball on the green, and we do have about an 18- to 20-foot birdie putt. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to sit back, take a good look at it, see what kind of break it has to it, then try to roll one up there and cozy it up close. If not, maybe even make it!

Arrowhead Country Club is a wonderful place to play golf. It is a 27-hole facility that does overseed from wall to wall, so you will find a green golf course all year round. It is a finesse golf course, so you might want to leave your driver at home if you have a little bit of tendency to spray it.

So now that you’ve had a chance to see the fifth hole here on the Cypress Nine at Arrowhead, give me a call and we’ll get you booked to come out here and play!