Planning a golf trip is a labor of love, but whether you are a grizzled veteran or organizing your first trip, we have a couple tips that could make your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation even smoother.

With that in mind, here are five golf trip planning tips as you begin preparation for your 2018 visit:

  1. As a trip organizer, know what’s important to your group. Do you want to stay-and-play onsite? Is it important to be near nightlife? Are most of your guys high handicappers or do they want a stiff test? The more information you can provide your golf package provider, the easier it will be for him or her to craft the ideal itinerary for your group.
  1. A lot of group leaders will inquire about a package and ask for a quote for 8, 12, 16 or whatever number of people they plan on traveling with. Don’t forget to have a date or two in mind. Myrtle Beach, unlike other destinations, has a crazy number of rate periods (for the record, that is very much to your benefit), so it’s not as simple as saying I want to take a spring trip. There are differences in price between March, April and May. Knowing when you want to come can make planning more efficient.
  1. Group leaders sometimes don’t like to share what their budget is for fear they somehow won’t get the best deal. Don’t be one of those guys. The competition for your business in Myrtle Beach is stiff and golf package providers – especially Brian Noblin, who runs our operation here at Myrtle Beach Golf Packagers – are going to provide their best price. Besides, it doesn’t do any good to ask to play Caledonia, Barefoot and Tidewater and when your provider comes back with a quote tell him you have a $350 per man budget. Know your budget and challenge Noblin to deliver the best package possible. He will deliver.
  1. Regardless of your group’s priorities, I’d recommend picking at least one course to anchor your trip. There are a lot of great layouts along the Grand Strand, make sure your group plays one they will be talking about long after they have returned home.
  1. Finally, guys like Noblin are much more than “just” the person that books your trip. He is your conduit to the area. Noblin knows the area on and off the course as well as anyone, use him as a resource before and even during your trip. Trust me, a great golf package provider will enhance your experience.

If you are a group leader, what tips would you share?

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