Myrtle Beach International Airport adding new flights, set to resume seasonal flights

Golfers planning to travel to Myrtle Beach in 2019 should be aware of Myrtle Beach International Airport’s ever-expanding number of nonstop flights to and from the Grand Strand.

Spirit launches service to the Grand Strand from three brand-new markets starting in early May (Indianapolis, Indiana on May 2, Houston-Intercontinental, Texas on May 3 and Kansas City, Missouri on May 4), while resuming service from several additional cities including Detroit, Michigan (resumes February 14), Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota (resumes May 2) and Columbus, Ohio (resumes May 3).

Allegiant announced the addition of two new flights to Myrtle Beach for the coming year —from Albany, New York and Hagerstown, Maryland. Seasonal, twice-weekly flights from these destinations begin in early June (Hagerstown starting June 5, and Albany starting June 6). In addition to these routes, Allegiant will resume nonstop service from more than 15 markets beginning the first week of April. Regional markets regaining service to Myrtle Beach include Allentown, Pennsylvania (resumes April 5), Huntington / Ashland, West Virginia (resumes May 17) and Portsmouth, New Hampshire (resumes June 6).

Frontier Arilines has also added nonstop service from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania beginning April 30, joining their resuming flights from Islip, New York and Trenton, New Jersey (April 5) and Denver, Colorado (June 11).

Beginning May 3, American Airlines brings back flight routes involving larger connection hubs like Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas (resumes May 3), Chicago-O’Hare, Illinois (resumes May 4), and New York-La Guardia, New York (resumes June 8).

Other nonstop flights to the Grand Strand set to resume for 2019 include those from Minneapolis /St. Paul on Sun Country Airlines (resumes April 5), daily service from Detroit on Delta Airlines (resumes March 2) and two routes from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (resuming February 13 on Porter, and April 29 on WestJet).

Myrtle Beach International Airport makes travelling to the Grand Strand from anywhere in the country as easy as it gets. For a full list of seasonal flights to and from the Grand Strand, visit our Airline and Direct Flight Information page.